Men's Balsam Bigfoot Sandals

The stylish, stretchable, and adjustable straps of the BigFoot Balsam has enough space for every feet width. Capped with the classic arch-supporting footbed and shock-absorbing technology of BigFoot soles and "Regetta Cell" you are guaranteed a barefoot comfortable feeling no matter how long the walk.

Pair it up with your knee-length shorts, slim cut or straight tailored jeans to look your best when wearing it!

What it does for your feet, body and health:

  • Gives balance, comfort, and safe walking because of its Canoe-shaped sole
  • Promotes good body posture that prevents body strains
  • Has unique arch support on the soles to lessen foot fatigue
  • Ideal shoes for “Rolling Walking” that helps strengthen shin muscles
  • Comfort fit soft sole that prevents irritation to the feet leading to more healthy feet.


What are the materials used?

Upper Material: Synthetic Leather

Inner Material: Polyurethane

Sole Material:Polyurethane