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Comfort and vegan-friendly is what RegettaCanoe shoes are about. Drawing inspiration from the traditional Japanese Geta, we combine function and fashion to bring comfort to your everyday walks.

3 Reasons Why You Should Own a Pair of RegettaCanoe Shoes

You make ethical purchases.

We ABSOLUTELY do not use any animal products or materials. Instead, we create shoes with non-toxic, vegan materials such as our specially formulated CCILUCELL. We use it for our soles which reduce environmental pollution.

Not only that, we also consider other factors to make all your purchases with us ethical. We do not exploit and we create materials following a sustainable process.

We are committed to creating a cruelty-free, healthy ecosystem that is beneficial for all, starting with our shoes.

You get the best at a reasonable price.

Our shoes are handcrafted; each has passed a keen, quality check from expert traditional Japanese shoemakers who have been in the industry for decades.

This, together with our vegan philosophy, led us to create everyday shoes that are comfortable and would last long even in daily use.

We strive to bring vegan shoes in the market that are truly affordable both for men and women.

Your comfort is our priority and it starts with our soles.

RegettaCanoe prides itself with a unique canoe-like sole structure with toe and heel guards that are ideal for rolling walking.

Aside from that, the sole also features unique beneficial properties that would make you want to own a pair.


RegettaCanoe shoes are designed to have a little more room for additional ventilation for a comfort fit. To find the right size for you, check our size chart.

You do not need to keep coming back to this page to check your size; each product page features our size chart for your convenience.

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