Our Milestones

The Birth of RegettaCanoe


RegettaCanoe begins its life as Takamoto Rubber Industry, founded by the Takamotos. Started off as a subcontractor making shoes for larger companies, the little cobbler enjoyed steady business for years to come.


The business suffers a huge blow as huge shoe manufacturers take their business out of Japan and into China, in response to the 1994 Sanriku earthquakes. Takamoto Rubber Industry keeps on keeping on.


Yasuo Takamoto, owner of Takamoto Rubber Industry, rebranded the company as RegettaCanoe. Yasuo reimagines the traditional Japanese geta. Using modern shoemaking techniques, Yasuo produces the first prototype of RegettaCanoe shoes.


After 2 years of production, RegettaCanoe goes out into the market.


RegettaCanoe branches out globally, breaking out of Japan. In a matter of months, RegettaCanoe opened up stores in Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia.


RegettaCanoe has grown in size as a company, housing 120 employees and enlisting over 400 Japanese craftsmen, making each pair of RegettaCanoe shoes by hand.

Global Expansion


RegettaCanoe partners up with up with CCILU International, Inc., incorporating their tech to produce the iconic REGETTACELL design.


RegettaCanoe embraces the vegan lifestyle with the SS16 footwear collection.


RegettaCanoe expands even further, with stores all over Asia-Pacific, China, the US., and even a few EMEA, with plans to open in Dubai by 2019.