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Mother's Day Photo Contest


We in RegettaCanoe recognize all mothers, motherhood and maternal bonds in general, so to celebrate all your awesomeness, we are launching this Photo Contest to show the world THE BEST THING ABOUT BEING A MOM.

Everyone's a winner in this contest.

The person whose picture attained the highest votes will get the grand prize. Our second winner will be randomly picked from the remaining entrants who have at least 5 votes. While all participants who submitted a qualifying photo will get a runners-up prize. So you have nothing to lose :)

Spread the word and love!


Win These Prizes

  • Grand Prize: Participant with the highest votes
Get a FREE RegettaCanoe footwear of your choice + $100 Gift Card to spend in store
    • 2nd Prize:  Participant chosen randomly from entries with at least 5 votes
    Win a RegettaCanoe footwear worth $84.
      • Runners Up: For all participants of the contest
      20% OFF Discount Code


        How To Enter

        Step 1: Sign up your email so that we can send you your price/s and instructions on how to claim it/them once we have announced the winner.


        Step 2: Upload a photo of yourself with your“THE BEST THING ABOUT BEING A MOM”moment. It can be in any setting and as creative, funny, exciting, or glamorous as you want it to be. The photo should include your kid or kiddos no matter how old they are!

        Each participant can submit up to 2 photos only--one from your Facebook and the other from your Instagram and they must NOT be the same photo.


        Step 3: Once uploaded, you can share the contest link to ask your friends, families or followers to vote for your images or any other photos they might like. They can only vote once for each photo.



        SET YOUR PROFILE TO PUBLIC. Unless your account is on public, your photo submission won’t appear on the contest page.

        Terms and Conditions

        Contest Duration

        The contest will start on March 31, 2018, and all submissions/voting will close on May 13, 2018,11:59 PM (EST). Winners will be picked and announced on May 14, 2018.



        You must be a mom or an expecting mom and 19 years old above. Must be a legal resident of the United States of America with a valid US postal address where we can send you the contest prize.


        Photo Submissions

        Choose the best photo of you or with your kid/kiddos--you can be as creative as you like. As long as there are no offensive / dangerous materials shown in the picture, it's okay!


        What is a valid photo?

        • Facebook Submissions: Images ideally should have a dimension of 470px by 394px
        • Instagram Submissions: Images ideally should have a dimension of 640px by 640px

        Remember, the higher the resolution the better they will look!

        All submitted images may or may not be used in future social media posts or other promotional campaigns. By submitting these photos, you agree that we may use your image for any RegettaCanoe marketing promotions.


        Frequently Asked Questions



        Once your photo(s) has been uploaded, we will monitor these images from time-to-time. If we believe any image violates US laws, causes harm, offense or is in anyway inappropriate to others and this competition, we have the right to remove the image as well as disqualify the participant in this and all future competitions. We will not inform the participant of when what or why the image(s) were removed unless contacted otherwise.



        We will have three (3) winners in this contest. The participant with the highest number of votes (on a single image) will be our grand winner. The 2nd winner will be chosen at random from the remaining participants with at least 5 votes. Everyone who entered the competition and completed any requirements stated on this page will receive a 20% discount prize code via email.



        If you win, you will receive an email with instructions on how to claim your prize. Winners’ names will also be posted on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Winners have two weeks to claim their prize and if no winner comes forward, another winner will be chosen instead until there is a final winner.



        If you experience any problem, feel free to reach out to the RegettaCanoe Team. You can contact us viaemail or by messaging us on ourInstagram andFacebook pages.


        PLEASE NOTE:

        Joining the contest will automatically subscribe you to our email list so you might be receiving promotional offers from us once in a while. The good thing is that it means you will be the first to know about our future promotions, discounts, and exciting offers! And you can always unsubscribe--but we hope not because tempting offers will come your way!