Philosophies Behind


Sandwich Sole Structure


  • Abstaining from the use of animal products. Vegan living seeks to exclude any form of animal exploitation and cruelty for food, clothing or any other purposes, as far as is possible and practicable. Embracing the vegan living means avoiding all animal food such as all types of meat, dairy, eggs and honey as well as products like leather and those tested on animals.

  • Using non-toxic vegan material. Contributing to the reduction of environmental pollution, RegettaCanoe has long been committed to responsible manufacturing that looks after the environment, animals and human being from the very beginning. VEGAN is a philosophy that RegettaCanoe deeply values.

  • Veganism is compassion. Compassion is the key reason many choose the vegan lifestyle. RegettaCanoe has fully embraced this vegan concept as a social responsibility as corporate members of the earth.

  • RegettaCanoe  PHILOSOPHY

    The "Canoe" Inspiration.

    Inspired by the spirit of a canoeist that dares to take on challenges with well-thought planning while aiming for the balanace and the comfort of consumers and preserving essential spirit of Japanese Geta.

    The Gum Sole.

    The uneven sole supports the natural curve of your arch, making your feet healthy once again. Our insole is like super soft bed for your feet.

    The Roll Walking.

    The ideal way of walking comes with the "rolling walk".This sole envelops your entire foot from your toes to your heel--birthing a new foot posture and a smoother walk.

    Meticulos Handcrafting.

    We wanted a footwear that everyone, including our shoemakers, would want to wear. Careful planning to choosing the lines, making the shapes and building the parts were all part of the process in making sure each pair possesses the little details that makes it unique.

    Behind the Logo. Our brand's message is embedded right in our logo.


    • The logo's motif takes after the family crest, Japan's symbol of sophisticated beauty.
    • The smooth corner-less shape represents wearability and comfort of our shoes.
    • The color represents the shimmering blue of the rivers of Osaka, where our brand was born.
    • The shape of the logo is the one-of-a-kind canoe's sole of ReggetaCanoe.