Women's Arum Field Sandals


Arum Sandals’ stretchable criss-crossing straps offer solid support for your feet. A go-to pair whenever you’re looking forward to a busy day at work or on the weekends, these sandals will never turn you down when it comes to relaxing your tired feet while you have them on.

The field soles, perfect for walking, have been integrated with soft yet durable materials on the insoles making you feel like you’re walking in the clouds!

What it does for your feet, body, and health:

  • Gives balance, comfort, and safe walking because of its Canoe-shaped sole
  • Promotes good body posture that prevents body strains
  • Has unique arch support on the soles to lessen foot fatigue
  • Ideal shoes for “Rolling Walking” that helps strengthen shin muscles
  • Comfort fit soft sole that prevents irritation to the feet leading to more healthy feet.

What are the materials used?

Upper Material: Synthetic Leather

Inner Material: Polyurethane

Sole Material:Polyurethane